Capgemini Recruitment 3 – 5 years experience

Roles & Responsibilities 
Proficiency in architecting designing and developing enterprise software systems and products using component based design web services and UML
Proficiency in software development lifecycles and process
Experience in project estimation techniques architecture and design patterns and performance engineering
Lead the creation of detailed software design specifications.
Lead the code review process and maintain code complience.
Perform software version control.
Participate in the system specification review process to ensure system requirements can be translated into valid technical solution
Lead the Integration with internal and external systems
Participate in planing activities and colaberately work with Project manager.
Awareness of project delivery and delivery time lines.
Lead the team on technical front and align with delivery activities.
Work closely with customers, business analysts user interaction designers, and other software engineers to develop the solution
Maintain coding standerd and best practices
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Experience and Qualifications 
3 – 5 years experience in designing, developing and delivering software applications
Bachelors degree in Information Technology, Information Systems or Computer Science.
Functional .Development .Protocols & Formats. SOAP 
Functional .Development. Release Management. Release Management Process 
Functional. Development. Operating Systems. At least 2 
Functional .Database .Database Administration. At least 2 
Process. Project Management. SDLC Methodology. Global Innovation Process (GIP) 
Certifications .Certifications .
Organizational. ISO 270001 (ISO) 
Certifications. Certifications .Organizational .
Intellectual Property (IP) 
Certifications. Certifications .Organizational .Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) 
Process. Tools Applications .Virtusa Tools .ERA Insight 
Process .Tools Applications. Virtusa Tools .Chorus 
Certifications .Tech Writer. Organizational. Virtusa Business English 
Functional. Development .Architecture & Design .UML 2 .x 
Functional. Development. Data Architecture.ER Diagrams 
Functional. Development. Architecture & Design.4 1 View and Architectural Artifacts 
Functional. Development .Patterns.Design Patterns 
Functional.Development. Architecture & Design.Object-Oriented Analysis & Design 
Functional. Database .Data Architecture. Data Modeling & Database Design 
Functional. Development. Enterprise Architecture.Platforming 
Functional. Development.Service Oriented and Integration Architecture. SOA Concepts 
Functional. Development Architecture & Design .Cross Cutting Concerns 
Functional. UI. Accessibility (WAI).Accessibility Concepts 
Functional. Java.Programming Languages.Java 14 
Functional .Java.Unit Testing.JUnit 
Functional.Java. Generic Frameworks. Spring Framework 3.x 
Functional.Java. Web Application Development. Servlet 2.0

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